Electro Lune Ltd. is one of the leading firms in the country in sales of electric motors and reducers.

The company grew out of a small craft shop, established in 1985. We have gradually developed and expanded our production program. Today our company, besides the largest selection of electric motors and reducers (about 10.000), in its sales supplies has a large selection of transmitters (sprockets, gears, couplings, pulleys, cardans), vibromotors, electronics. For regular customers we have an obligation to storage the goods and we offer a possibility of deferred payment. The warranty on all products is 1 year. We solve complaints within one day. We are always here to provide technical solutions and services for you. Our goal, besides sales, is that by our service, choice and quality become unique. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Company "Elektro Lune" is a distributor of the Italian companies Chiaravalli, Seipee s.p.a, STM, OMB, Filli ARAMINI.

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CHIARAVALLI: Electric motors, reducers, variators, sprockets, rack rails, couplings, pulleys, stock housing, gears, angular gears, clamping joints…
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OMB: Vibromotors
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SEIPEE: Three-phase electric motors up to 900 kW, single phase electric motors, electric motors with brake; mini motors; frequency converters; EX motors, ATEX motors, Drives motors, electric motors with encoder...
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STM: toothed-conical reducers, planetary reducers, parallel shaft-mounted reducers, frequency regulators
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In addition to standard electric motors IE1 (energy efficiency), applications on the Serbian market and in countries outside the EU, we also offer electric motors IE2 and since 2017 we have been able to supply you with electric motors IE3 (mandatory on the EU market under the law CE 640/2009 - power from 0.75 kw to 375 kw - 2,4,6-pole).
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